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Portal & Collaboration Projects

Portal and collaboration solutions help transform the way people and organizations work together through familiar and pervasive workspaces, portals, and emerging social computing capabilities. By empowering people with a familiar set of tools, built on an enterprise-ready, scalable, and a manageable integrated infrastructure, portal and collaboration solutions from ITEgyptCorp can extend the value of your current IT investments while enabling business process innovation. 

Portal and collaboration solutions from ITEgyptCorp can help speed market responsiveness and foster innovation by: 

Empowering teams through collaborative workspaces. 
Connecting organizations through portals.

Enabling communities with social computing tools. 


Helping to reduce costs and complexity by using an integrated infrastructure, existing investments, and an extensible architectural platform.


  If you are preparing to implement or develop a portal and collaboration solution,. ITEgyptCorp can help you with technology planning and architecture design to help ensure a correct and effective implementation.



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World's Technology

We partner with the world's technology leaders including Microsoft, Oracle, EC Council, Comp TIA, Prometric and Certiport.


IT Egypt Corp partners with industry leading companies and organisations in a continuing effort to offer our customer’s exceptional learning services and certification programmes.


ITEgyptCorp provides premier instructor-led IT training through a carefully balanced blend of hands-on lab exercises and lecture.


ITEgyptCorp provides a corporate setting to experience intense hands-on learning. Our ten training labs can be adapted to meet the most diverse of training needs. Theses labs are also open to students any time a class is not in session..