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Apollo 13 - ITIL® Simulation Game               

One-day training offering real life situations

The ‘Apollo 13 an ITSM case experience™’ simulation game is an intense, one-day training in which ITIL® V3 concepts  and processes are experienced through the use of an interactive game. In this training, real life situations taken from the Apollo 13 mission are simulated. You will work in a team, playing the roles of the Mission Control Center in Houston. Your mission: bring the crippled spacecraft and its crew safely home.

By doing so, you and your colleagues will learn and experience all the benefits of ITIL® best
Practice solutions.

 The game is designed for 

ICT employees, ICT managers, process managers, team managers, and others who need to improve their working processes.

Employees requiring (more) ITIL® knowledge or experience.
Employees who have followed the ITIL Foundation course and want to experience the ITIL® Processes in practice.
Employees responsible for applying best practices or improving their own processes and Procedures.
Managers  and  employees  wanting  to  see,  feel  and  experience  the  benefits  of  process based ways of working.
The uniqueness of this game
The entire lifecycle of services is used within the learning process.
 A  balanced  set  of  performance  indicators,  relating  to  business  demands  for  UTILITY
(Increase in gains) and WARRANTY (decrease in possible losses) is used.
 The Mission Operations Control organization including the Suppliers is closely related to
an IT Service organization and its network of suppliers.
 Service  level  reporting  is  required  at  the  end  of  each  round  to  identify  risks,  costs  and
demonstrate Performance and value.
 All four game rounds are different and add increasing levels of complexity ensuring that
the participants continually improve their capabilities.
Between game rounds participants apply  Continual Improvement approaches.
The effect  of improvements can  be measured and  demonstrated.
 Quality frameworks such as ISO/IEC 20000 ®can be used during the game to help identify
non-compliance issues and specify improvement needs.
Real life events and  situations are used for reflection  purposes.
Goals of the simulation game
You  will learn  how  to  use   ITIL® to  create IT Service management capabilities that are a strategic asset.
You will learn how good IT Service management capabilities enable you to manage cost and risk and at the same time deliver business value.
You   will  learn   how   to   translate  business demands into service solutions and demonstrate measurable results.
You will learn how to use a Continual Improvement approach for identifying and removing
risks and weaknesses and for realizing performance improvements.
You will learn how integrated People, Process, Products and Partners enable you to deliver
You  will  learn  how  good  management  tooling  will  help  manage  &  control  the  workflow
more effectively and efficiently and support knowledge capture and sharing.
You will understand the interdependency of processes.
You will learn how to co-operate and how to improve working processes by designing and
implementing as a team.
You will learn the importance of clearly defined, agreed, understood and embedded tasks,
roles, responsibility and accountability.
 You will have  gained insight  into possible improvements in your own working environment.
Perfection is difficult to achieve. It is even more difficult to maintain. The imperfection in Apollo 13 constituted a near disaster, averted only by an outstan- ding performance on the part of the crew, the ground control team and the processes and technology that supported them. The
‘Apollo 13 an ITSM case experience™ simulation game will bring out the best in you. Are you ready to give it your best shot?

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