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Train More. Spend Less

TMS Scope:

After we succeed to deliver IT training courses across all the enterprise corporate in the region and after we made our marketing analysis of how can the customer get benefit from what we can deliver with 100 % satisfaction and make them up to date with all the newest technologies launched in the IT Market, we made a customizable package called TMS Training Modeling System to apply and clarify our scope and vision to all of our customers.

TMS is a prepaid program that provides training and services across multiple technologies. TheTMS is the perfect solution for organizations to save time and valuable training budgets.

  • Provide our clients with the most efficient methods for enrolling Trainees into IT Courses - by minimizing the time spent in locating, negotiating and coordinating the training.

  • Provide the most cost-effective method to have training delivered - because of the volume of training we coordinate.

  • Have the opportunity to let our customers utilize and get benefit from all what we can deliver through IT Egypt Corp professional services Vision and experience.



General Benefits (why your company should take TMS):

  • Gain up to 30 % discount from each training single course.

  • Ability to run your required training course on time although the number of trainees is less than 5 Participants.

  •  Investing your budget by saving money for other demand.

  •  Helps Training, HR and IT Department arrange an easy way to apply their own Training plan with less time and effort.

  •  Elimination of multiple purchase orders that will improves the business process.

  •  Increasing speed of processing.

  •  Gain more valuable services in addition of the required training courses (Exclusive added features are described below).

  • Convenient delivery schedule based on your needs.

  • Classes customized to your needs and environment (if applied)

      for more information about how to get benefit from the TMS for your company training plan, please E Mail or call (+20) 102406004  ​

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World's Technology

We partner with the world's technology leaders including Microsoft, Oracle, EC Council, Comp TIA, Prometric and Certiport.


IT Egypt Corp partners with industry leading companies and organisations in a continuing effort to offer our customer’s exceptional learning services and certification programmes.


ITEgyptCorp provides premier instructor-led IT training through a carefully balanced blend of hands-on lab exercises and lecture.


ITEgyptCorp provides a corporate setting to experience intense hands-on learning. Our ten training labs can be adapted to meet the most diverse of training needs. Theses labs are also open to students any time a class is not in session..